Pole Saws For Cutting, Pruning and Trimming

There are many different types of pole saws that are available on the market. The pole saw, which originally started out as a normal chain saw with an extended pole, has recently made it big in the world of lawn and garden. There is gas, electric, and of course your bladed poles for trimming hedges, bushes, or trees. Pole saws were not designed to tackle large tree branches but for trimming purposes although some branches depending on their trunk diameter can be cut.

The jobs that can be done with a regular eight inch extension pole saw differ from that of a twenty four foot one. Only specific saws will allow the user to cut cleanly through a branch of three to six inches in diameter. However, most saws will do the smaller jobs of trimming hedges, shaping topiaries, trimming or pruning trees, and removing the limbs on the smaller size, up to two inches in diameter.

Gas Powered Pole saws

Gas Pole Saws

Electric Powered Pole Saws

Electric Pole Saws

There are many things to consider when purchasing a pole saw. The first is the type of saw you want. There are benefits to purchasing a gas as it will not need to be charged, but the price of gas might be too expensive to go this route in your area. Electric or battery operated pole saws are easier to maintain as you are not introducing any substance to it. Regular maintenance is required for all brands and types.

Pole saw extension or not ? The arm, or pole, on the saw also matters. If you are reaching up a few feet then an eight inch extension will not do the trick. The expanding poles that allow you to choose the length that best suits the task are the best choice. They can be used on other lawn and garden items besides the bushes and hedges such as small trees, branches from large trees, and more. Before purchasing any specific type, it is best to read the pole saw reviews to see what others have to say about that product.

Using a Pole Saw

They might be handy but they can also be very dangerous as with any cutting tool. If you purchase your pole saw new from the local hardware or lawn and garden variety store, then you will receive an instructional pamphlet with that purchase. Completely reading through the pamphlet will ensure proper usage, but some things are not included.

Before using the pole saw, an inspection should be done to make sure the saw is in usable condition without causing harm. Most saws have a safety mechanism on them that helps the user quickly shut it off in case of an emergency. The attachment from the pole to the saw should be firm and the teeth aligned. If there are any missing teeth it is best to repair the pole saw before usage. Next, you will need to remove anything that stands between you and the tree or limb. Keep in mind that while using the saw above your head, the branch will fall creating a hazard if you are directly underneath. After checking the saw and removing any obstructions between the primary target and yourself, you are ready to begin.

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